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PASTORS: Don & Donna Abbott

Pastor Don & Donna are no rookies to full-time ministry. They are Rhema graduates and have served as senior pastors of a great church in Hillsboro, Oregon and later planted Place of Grace Church in Wilsonville, Oregon. They are now licensed and ordained under the covering of Connection Life Church and serve as our lead pastors of CLC Wilsonville & Parkrose Tabernacle in Portland.


5740 NE Portland Hwy, Portland, OR 97218


Sundays @ 6:30PM

Wednesdays @ 7:00PM


                                     Parkrose Deliverance Tabernacle was born back in the 60's and is well known for being a revival center in the                                          NE community of Portland, Oregon pastored by Rev. Earnest E. Blackmon. Rev. Blackmon is now with Jesus                                            and leaves a rich heritage of sharing the Gospel and building the Kingdom of God. Just before he graduated                                        to heaven, Rev. Blackmon turned the church over to his only surviving child, Brenda.  Brenda and her husband,                                      Claude Farrester took the reigns in 2017.

Later that year, Pastor Claude & Brenda knew they needed help. Their primary goal was and is to preserve the legacy of Brenda's father and to do whatever it takes to see lives continue to be touched and the Kingdom of God to continue being expanded there in NE Portland. They made the decision to come under the covering of Connection Life Church and continue serving the Kingdom under the direction of Bishop Kevin Truett.

Knowing their limitations and the relevant needs of the NE Portland area, they have agreed to allow CLC to install
Pastor Don & Donna Abbott as the new Lead Pastors of Parkrose Deliverance Tabernacle. Pastor Don & Donna
have done a tremendous job loving the PDT families and making their transition as smooth as possible.

Pastor Claude & Brenda will continue to serve under Connection Life Church, preaching and teaching wherever
God calls them to go. They will also continue their television ministry in Salem, Oregon.


Claude & Brenda Farreste



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