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Pastor Kevin Truett
Men's Ministry Director


The men of Connection Life Church are a band of brothers that encourage, strengthen and grow one another. They strive to live a life of integrity and honor toward God!


Ironman Breakfast
Opportunity get together for breakfast and devos! Men of all ages are invited and we encourage dads to bring their sons.


The MAN Factor 
A couple times a year, the men of CLC journey together through an in depth Bible study that will challenge us to be stronger men of God and better fathers, husbands, sons, uncles, nephews and brothers. Watch the CLC calendar for dates and times.


CURRENT MAN FACTOR SERIES: Not in session at this time.


For more information: Pastor Kevin –

See church calendar for dates.
Pastor Jeff
Men serving at outreach.
Men's Breakfast
Men's Golf Day
Man Factor Weekend
Iron Sharpening Iron
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