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Congratulations to President Elect Donald Trump. You are in our prayers daily.

It's no secret that many have been troubled greatly during this election process. But this one thing I want to share.

Regardless of the outcome of this election, our mission is the same. Our calling is the same. Our purpose for living is the same. So don't waiver. And when you wake in the upcoming mornings, pray like you always pray. Get in the Word like you always get in the Word. And, love on people like Jesus loved on people, the same way you did yesterday, the day before and the weeks and months before.

God needs you to walk in your anointing, not your pride or your anger after the results of this election. If anything, be stronger in your FAITH, be stronger in your PRAYER time, be stronger in your WORSHIP. And whatever you do, do NOT let the enemy use your reaction to further his agenda. I repeat - DO NOT let the enemy use your reaction to further his agenda.

e serve a sovereign God and HIS agenda is still THE agenda. His WORD is still THE WORD. His SAY is still the FINAL say. Let's go be JESUS to the world and continue to further HIS agenda! In JESUS Name!!!

God Bless America!!! God Bless The World!!!

Pastor Kevin

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